Arm Guards
Price: £18 each
Multiperiod; dark-age to late-medieval.
Economy Bracers
Price: £10 each
Horn Containers
Price: From £30
Copied from an example at the Museum of London and described as a container for bow string wax, but can be used for other functions.
Available in various sizes, shoulder strap as standard.
Longbow Quivers
Price: From £69
Our interpretation of a neglected detail in many illustrations throughout the Dark Ages to Renaissance. Available with belt loops or shoulder strap, any length or dimension to suit your requirements.
Quarrel Boxes
Price: From £69
Our interpretation from a 14th century illustration. Available with belt loops or shoulder strap and any colour. Can accommodate approximately 20 bolts (not included).
We also manufacture Warbows to designs from the Mary Rose, but using modern materials. Sorry, but these bows are only available in draw weights of 70lbs or over and are made to special order.