Purse Bar Bag
Price: £58
Hand cast bronze purse bar. Bag from illustrations circa 1300 to 1400’s. Available any colour.
Girdle Purse
Price: £70
Copied from archaeological finds in Dordrecht, Netherlands dating to around 1300 to 1400’s, but feature in many illustrations from 14th to 17th centuries. This bag has many compartments, including 2 coin purses integrated into the upper or lower body of the purse. Various styles and colours available, based on the design. A very common bag worn in these periods, particularly by males.
Saxon Bags
Price: Plain £70, Decorated £150
Copied from grave find near Salisbury and currently displayed in Salisbury Museum.Available in 2 versions; Plain for lower status or decorated as per original with hand cast bronze, hand enamelled mouldings and trim. Dates to early Saxon circa AD700.
Price: from £30
Made from cotton canvas with leather trim and shoulder strap. Various periods available, contact us for details or your specific requirements.
Goat Skin Bag
Price: £25
Single point designs taken from many medieval and Tudor illustrations. Available with buckles or toggles to suit, in any colour, with belt loops or shoulder strap.
Mini Bags
Price: £25
Scaled down version from many illustrations and multi period. This bag was designed primarily for carrying asthma inhalers, but can also be used for other small items, like cigarettes. Available any colour, with buckles or toggles, belt loops or shoulder strap.
Ladies Cloth Bag
Price: £25
Basic design is copied from the Museum of London medieval catalogue. Lined with 100% linen, various colours and sizes available.
Embroidered Velvet Pouch
Price: £40
Copied from archaeological finds from Tiel, dated circa 16th century. Hand embroidered and lined with 100% linen. Various colours available.
Bollocks Bag
Price: £49
Our version from many medieval illustrations, including the Bedford Hours. Available with various buckles or any colour it is suitable for 1100 to 1500’s. Although intended for use as a girdle purse, these are available with shoulder strap upon request.
Single Point Bag
Price: £49
Our version taken from medieval illustrations. Available in any colour, with a variety of buckles, with belt loops or shoulder strap as required.
Triple Point Bag
Price: £49
Girdle purse, commonly seen in the Tudor period. Available in any colour, with a choice of buckles.
Round Bottom Bag
Price: £49
Suitable for multi period, depending on fastening. Available in any colour with a belt loop or shoulder strap.