Robin Hood Boots
Price: £200
We call this our Robin Hood boot. This is a copy from archaeological finds displayed in the Museum of London, and is suitable for 13th to 15th century. Available any colour.
Laced Shoes
Price: £120
Typical tie laced shoe of 14th century. Many examples have been excavated, but our version has a single seam and small tongue, copied from the museum of london.
Buckle Boots
Price: £150
Generally considered late medieval period, and suitable for 14th and 15th centuries. Many examples have been found including at Coventry, UK and Dordrecht, Netherlands. Available various heights, with 2 or 3 straps and a choice of buckles.
Price: £65
Standard design currently available, but specific copies can be made to suit your shoes (prices may vary). Our standard model is leather hinged and a good representation of 14th and 15th century.
Bag Shoe
Price: £60
These shoes have been used throughout history from the Bronze Age to the 20th century by various social classes. The example pictured is fitted with a thicker sole for practical purpose, but otherwise is an example from Dorestad, Netherlands. Excellent for lower status in the medieval period, and monks.
Jorvik Boots
Price: £110
Our version of one of the boots found in Jorvik (York) and depicted as the original ie not left or right footed. For comfort purposes these can be made left and right footed. Heels are described as Dark Age and extend up the back of the foot.
Dark Age Slipper
Price: £90
A simplified version of a shoe found in Winchester which also features heel extensions up the back of the foot.
13th Century Shoe
Price: £95
Copied from an example of early 13th century, but is not decorated as per original in the Museum of London. suitable for12th to 14th century. Closed with collars and laces.
Multiperiod Shoe
Price: Women £90, Men £100
As above, but without strap and buckle. Suitable for multi periods.
Poulaine Shoe
Price: £120
Fashionable shoe of the middle and upper status dating 14th and 15th century. Length of poulaine (the extended toe part) will be as required for status (ask for details). Closed with latchets. Original from Baynards Castle, displayed in the Museum of London.
Laced or Toggle Fastened Boots
Price: from £140
These appear in many forms throughout the entire medieval period and many styles have been excavated. Illustrated example is from the 14th century, but we can make any style you want, please call us for details.