Snips in leather case
Price: £10
Multi period. similar to examples in the Museum of London
Price: from £25
Medieval to Tudor period
Based on examples from the Bedford Hours and other contemporary illustrations . Available with/without ink bottles in various colours and styles.
Price: from £15
Multiperiod containers from various historical illustrations dating 1100 to 1600AD.Available in various types or colours.
Coin Purse
Price: small £8, medium £10
Scaled down version of archaeological finds from Dordrecht, Netherlands. Suitable for medieval to renaissance. Available in two sizes in various colours.
Pear shaped coin purse
Price: £8
Copied from archaeological finds from the Netherlands, dated to approximately 1300 to 1400’s. Available any colour.
Price: £50-£80
Multiperiod, unisex woollen capes available with/without hoods. Entirely hand stitched; hoods are lined with 100% linen. Various period colours and cloak closures available.